Our Team

Our partners blend in QAISEC a unique comibination of state of the art scientific and busines expertise with worldwide reputation. We cover all stages of the solution formation: from scientific discovery to technological implementation and custom business solutions and support. 

Amb. Dr. Zdravko Popov, COO, has a long career in both business and international diplomacy. He was co-founder and CEO of LINK Communication System, the first private national paging operator in Bulgaria and also founder and Chairman of Board Radio-Television Company “7 Days” J.S.C., the first private radio-television broadcasting-telecasting company in Bulgaria. Amb. Popov was a Foreign Policy Adviser at the President of Bulgaria, Chairman of the UNICEF-Bulgaria, Vice-President and Board Member of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Founder and First Director of the Diplomatic Institute of the MFA of Bulgaria. He is also a Member of the Collegium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Representative to the Steering Committee of ESDC and to the Board of the Directors of the EUISS. He was also Editor-in-Chief of Diplomacy Journal and Ambassador to the Czech Republic. 

Eng. Svetoslav Sotirov, CTO, is an expert in system analysis, design and development of software systems with over twenty-five years of experience in fin-tech, exclusively banking. Graduated TUES of the Technical University, Sofia. M.Sc. in banking and insurance. Microsoft certified professional. Founder and manager of New Bulgarian Technologies SA and New Banking Technologies Ltd. Project manager and team leader in over fifty successful software projects – mostly in the banking sector. Twice awarded a medal for merit to the Technical University, Sofia.

Dr Boris D. Grozdanoff, CEO, studied cryptography under Laszlo Czirmas, specialised at the University of Toronto and held a Visiting Fellow position at the Pittsburgh Centre for Philosophy of Science. He won the prestigious individual Marie Curie Fellowship (IEF) of the EC in 2008 and worked as a researcher at the Philosophy of Physics group at Oxford University until 2010. Boris was a researcher in the field of scientific epistemology and holds doctoral degrees from CEU and BAS.. At present he is developing neural-symbolic models in AI and a formalised ethical system for AI. Associate professor, teaches at the Sofia University and the Technical University. Co-founder of the Defence and International Security Institute (DISI). Previously, Boris had several years business experience in trade and media management. Advisor to the minister of science and education on AI in 2019 and co-author of the national AI strategy project.