Artificial Intelligence

QAISEC is focused towards AI in several directions

AI risk assessment for banking

AI security modelling and profiling

Access control platform based on AI behavioural biometrics

Formalised Ethical AI system and Logical Neural Networks (LNNs)

At the same time…

We indulge in AI R&D having the intellectual pleasure in developing novel neural network architectures, which can be customised and trained for a broad spectrum of purposes. We take the problem of Ethical AI seriously, but practically and we develop a prototype of a practical AI ethical system, that can be implemented even into existing AI systems.

Also, we would like to participate in the AGI run and we invest efforts in an entirely novel family of neural networks (LNNs) which adds logic, semantics and epistemology to the power of graph-theoretical engines. We believe that Artificial General Intelligence can be reached only by a balanced unity between mathematics and logic.