Finance experts have more than 20 years experience in the banking industry, providing custom and secure banking solutions for most of the banks in Bulgaria. Today we can harness this experience coupled with the technological innovation of quantum encryption in order to secure your bank’s networks and data. We will secure them in a future proof way that would ensure not only standard system integrity but also protection against state-led, agency-led and corporate adversary-led quantum decryption attacks. 

We provide custom solutions for banking like the first in the world quantum encrypted blockchain (QEB)The unmatched objective security is seamlessly integrated with new generation of smart contract applications and carefully selected functionality suitable for banking. Step into the future of true quantum immunity with our custom-tailored solutions.   


5G is taking over mobile comunications and with the new data volumes and IoT domain the communication security becomes even more important than before. Secure your state, corporate digital network with the state of the art solutions for quantum encryption. In communication networks quantum encryption provides complete protection against intrusion and physical guarantee against decryption. Our solutions are truly quantum immune and future proof you system with seamless scalability. 

Quantum secured networks are the networks of the future when states and corporations would need to respond proactively to the imminent threats that employ the never seen before decrypting power of quantum computers.