Quantum computers are now developed and run by only few of the leading states in the world. This stage of technology management is rapidly changing and soon quantum computers would be run not only by state agents but also by corporations and perhaps even individuals. Given the security shift quantum computers are already causing corporations and even medium businesses would need to adapt their security policies in order to meet the novel quantum reality. In it every standard encryption that is not provably demonstrated to be quantum immune should be considered compromised. 

We offer development and management of quantum encrypted cloud services. We formulate a tailored solution for the specific needs and we offer quantum safety as a service and quantum encryption as a service.

Secure your business with quantum encryption solutions and transcend into the future proof digital reality of tomorrow. 


We provide an in-depth security analysis of any state digital network and database and formulate a solution that would protect them against quantum computer security threats.  

We can consult the state or the state agency what would be the optimal solution for every particular case: securing critical infrastructure in domains such as energy security, telecommunications, databases and archives and other types of state networks and databases.


In digital media, broadcast, web streaming, gaming and online gambling quantum encryption provides not merely secure business but also a fresh new trust base. Quantum randomness ensures complete and objectively proven transparency and fairness in the gambling industries. Refresh and protect you gambling business against quantum computer threats. 

Regain the trust of your customers with the power of physical randomness.