New tech reality

The digital age transforms all aspects of life and at the forefront are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the emerging quantum technologies: quantum computing and quantum encryption. The quantum computers will redraw the rules of the game for digital security by rendering standard encryption algorithms obsolete: In case they have not done so already.  There are only two ways to protect data after quantum computers: substituting crypto algrotithms with so called “quantum immune” algorithms. And physically securing data by quantum encryption. 

At QAISEC we know that there is no mathematical proof for any algorithm to be provably quantum secure and history of science has thaught us that what is considered secure today fails tomorrow. What does not fail, however, ever, is the laws of nature and the laws of quantum mechanics. We believe that the only secure way to protect data is employing them to quantum encrypt not only critical data in finance, state, defence, telecommunications and industry but also the data of ordinary people in their everyday lifes.